About Us

Managing Partners

Ming Hua
Yutaro Kitahara
Oh Ming Hua
Nelson Ng
26 September 1991
16 July 1992
23 May 1992
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Fast Facts

Company Name: Evefinity LLP
Company Reg.: T15LL0199B
Established on: Febuary 2015
Motto: It is our choices that show who we really are, far more than our abilities

Who are we?

A young and new start-up by 3 young individuals. Believing that life is about choices, and hard work can triumph over talents. We stood up wanting to prove that everyone can make it in life with enough effort and hard work. With our greed for success, we have set various goals to achieve – With the end state of hosting a full, large-scale event of our very own!

What can we deliver?

Best rates! Best packages! ALL with the best service!

Evefinity has always gone the extra mile to satisfy your needs by looking into different aspects for an event. We also constantly accept suggestions from the public to keep us up-to-date with current trends. Our self-designed carnival games bring uniqueness to an event. And we aim to uphold the image of clients through our customer services as well as presentable and professional equipment.